Put on your hard hat and gloves; it's time to "go to work" to build a bully-free school!

The 7 Keys to Dealing With Bullying

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The Problem:
According to the National School Safety Center:

From One Teacher To Another

"TEAM UP:  No Bullies Allowed!" is a fun and interactive program.  Studies show that students learn more while having fun.  But our assemblies go beyond that technique.

As in all our assemblies, TEAM UP:  No Bullies Allowed" boasts its own colorful curtain which has been painted with our lesson plan for the day.  Each assembly employs an acronym to make it easy to remember.  In this case T.E.A.M.

"T" stands for "Treat others as you want to be treated."
"E" stands for "Everyone deserves respect."
"A" stands for "Attitude, Avoid, Ask for help."
"M" stands for "Make bullying stop; don't join in."

All of our assemblies are also themed.  Mission: Nutrition is a space age theme trip to the Planet Mars.  "TEAM UP: No Bullies Allowed" is themed as a construction site because we are building a bully-free school.

All these techniques and stage craft combine to add impact to my assemblies.  However, there is one more key component that makes Jim's assemblies so successful.  Click on the button below to learn Jim's Secret Ingredient:

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